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We combine strengths of KoçSistem and Boston Consulting Group (BCG), to partner with our clients on their most complex digital challenges.

Our principles

Delivering Impact, sustainably

Our projects with you are always impact focused – to deliver lasting benefits for your business

Leading with breakthrough insights

We leverage the full power of our Advanced Analytics & IoT solutions to derive breakthrough insights for your digital journey.

Enabling your organization

We help your teams build their capabilities, to tackle the most pressing digital transformation problems.

Our Services

As KoçDigital, we offer solutions to our Clients across the value chain, to help them tackle challenges of digital transformation.

Our solutions cover the following main categories:

Product & Services

Product innovation offerings aim to enable our clients to digitize and optimize their products

Operations & Supply Chain

Operations function provides more efficient and cost-friendly operating models.

Marketing & Sales

Go-to-market solutions address higher sales and profitability

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