Platform360: Turkey's Internet of Things Platform!

Taking on the management of communication, data and applications, Platform360 enables different hardware and Internet of Things software to steer digital transformation in organizations in a harmonious manner.
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Ford Otosan Production Analytics with Platform360

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Platform360 Now Available On The Cloud!

With Platform360 SaaS, you can manage all your IoT assets over the cloud and from a single point without investing in infrastructure, and integrate them with other applications in real time.
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DaaS (Data as a Service) is KoçDigital's end-to-end external data solution.

External data is presented by performing artificial intelligence-supported insight and forecasting studies in line with the needs of different industry.
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Sustain the Value Created in Your Business Processes with the Continuous AI Model

Continuous AI service is designed to ensure the continuity of the developed solutions and to ensure that they produce uninterrupted value.
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I would also like to underline the academy that will be established within KoçDigital. KoçDigital Academy will provide qualified human resources in the field of technology, especially ’Advanced Analytical Koç and insan IoT alan. 

How to Win with Artificial Intelligence

It’s a crucial question, as the importance and urgency around AI are greater than ever. Nine out of ten survey respondents agreed that AI represents a business opportunity for their company.

Valuing AI — Part 1: The price of certainty

The capabilities that Artificial Intelligence (AI) bring to businesses are invaluable. There is no room for doubt.

KoçDigital, Launch of the Year

KoçDigital Launch Event nominated as Launch of the Year

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