KoçDigital Supply Chain Management Platform

Discover Artificial Intelligence-supported digital supply chain planning and management applications with KoçDigital's Supply Chain Management Platform.
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Goal Management with OKR Analytics Solution

Thanks to Goal Management with OKR Analytics Solution, you can provide a consistent approach to achieving organizational goals by directing your teams to SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Limited) goals. You can visit our page for detailed information.

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Platform360: Turkey's Internet of Things Platform!

Taking on the management of communication, data and applications, Platform360 enables different hardware and Internet of Things software to steer digital transformation in organizations in a harmonious manner.
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Sustain the Value Created in Your Business Processes with the Continuous AI Model

Continuous AI service is designed to ensure the continuity of the developed solutions and to ensure that they produce uninterrupted value.
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Revolutionize Your Business with KoçDigital's
Cutting-Edge Data, AI, and Industry 4.0 Technologies

KoçDigital empowers executive leaders and business units to achieve seamless digital transformation.
Our technologies, products and comprehensive consultancy propel companies’ growth.

Partner with KoçDigital and Unlock Your Business's Potential

We develop our own proprietary products and intellectual properties to deliver state-of-art solutions which accelerate industries across the board.
Experience a world where operations become efficient, employees are empowered, your business thrives, and you stay ahead of the competition
by overcoming all your current challenges effortlessly. Explore our products and solutions.

Platform360 is Transforming Manufacturing in 4 Countries, 20+ Cities and 40+ Facilities

We developed Platform360, our cutting-edge Industrial Internet of Things and Manufacturing AI Platform, to accelerate companies Industry 4.0
transformation and manufacturing processes.

Featured Client Success Stories and Business Outcomes

Kalekim – Production Management System Success Story

Entek - Hydrology Forecasting with Artificial Intelligence

Tat - Artificial Intelligence Supported Intelligent Water Resources Management Project Projesi

Koçtaş – Analytical Transformation Journey Success Story

Entek - Start/Stop Fail Success Story

Ford Manufacturing Analytics | Predictive Maintenance Success Story

TürkTraktor Success Story

Leaders Trust KoçDigital to Help Them Thrive

“It is not possible to find the root causes of problems manually as hundreds of records are logged per second. However, data analysis training becomes involved at this point, and it contributes to operational excellence by finding the root causes with high accuracy. We gained value from the data.”
Ömer Yatkın
Business Solutions and Process Manager, Entek
"Even if you add data scientists and data engineers to your teams, it takes a significant amount of time for these roles to understand your company, your processes, and your way of doing business.

When I look at the projects, we have accomplished in two years, I am amazed.

Without KoçDigital, it would not have been easy for us to realize such large-scale projects and bring such a massive platform to life. Working with a business partner who possesses a strong skill set saves you time and ensures that your business outcomes are realized as expected."
Uğur Serkan Taşkın
CIO, Deputy General Manager R&D and IT, Koçtaş
The Production, IT and KoçDigital teams worked as a single team, and we achieved a very successful result. Thanks to the malfunctions that were foreseen and prevented until today, production interruptions were prevented, and we achieved a significant level of efficiency.

With predictive maintenance and other similar Industry 4.0 projects, we succeeded in entering the World Economic Forum's Lighthouse Factories list.
Engin Aktaş
Ford Otosan – Production and Supply Systems Tribe Lead

News From KoçDigital

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KoçDigital and Entek's Innovative Sustainability Initiative: AI-Powered Hydrology Forecasting

KoçDigital and Entek's joint venture has brought to life an AI-powered hydrology prediction project, emerging as a notable innovation within the energy sector.

Davos Summit Celebrates Success of FireAId Initiative, an AI-driven Project to Predict and Fight Wildfires

The Davos Summit hosted by the World Economic Forum (WEF) was on January 16-20, 2023 under the theme of ‘Cooperation in a Fragmented World’ and focused on solutions and public-private cooperation to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges.

KoçDigital is The Leader of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things Technologies in Turkey

We are thrilled to announce that we are once again the leader in the Artificial Intelligence category for the third consecutive year, and we are the leader in IoT and M2M in the prestigious 500 ICT Companies Turkey Research.

Generative AI as An Innovative Paradigm in the Business World and KoçDigital's Inspiring Events:

As Turkey's leader in AI and IoT technologies, KoçDigital continues to bring Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) technology to companies, accelerating their digital transformations and growth journeys.

KPMG IIoT Interview

Discover the Power of Industrial IoT and AI in Industry 4.0 Transformation

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