KoçDigital Data & AI Maturity Assessment

KoçDigital Data & AI Maturity Assessment

The competencies related to data and its surrounding components that should be at the center of organizations future strategic plans will determine the level of benefit and value that data can provide. To achieve maximum benefit, there should be a corporate data strategy where data is at the center, and its visibility and acceptance should be ensured throughout the organization.

To correctly determine this strategy and generate more value from data in the future, it is necessary to establish a strategic data roadmap. It is crucial to be able to answer some fundamental questions such as What are the challenges related to data? Which analytical initiatives should be prioritized? Where should investments be made in data management technologies?

We aim to analyze our customers competencies in data and analytics by conducting KoçDigital Data and AI Maturity Assessment and provide them with a strategic vision and roadmap. Through this analysis, we identify inefficiencies in data, reporting, data governance, and analytics applications in organizations, and offer potential solutions to establish the desired data processes. We provide insights by capturing a snapshot of the current state of data and analytics competencies, identifying pain points, and guiding their resolution. In doing so, we assist organizations in determining t heir future strategies towards becoming data-driven and provide them with a realistic and trackable roadmap.

Our solution is a four-phase assessment and roadmap study that focuses on data and analytical capabilities.

Diagnosis & Current State Analysis

We analyze current state by having brain storming sessions with both business and technical units as well as KoçDigital's survey consisting of 6 main perspectives and 33 sub-criterias: Strategy & Transformation, Business Analytics, Data, Analytical Organization and Data Governance, Technology and Applications, Digital Capabilities & Alignment. At the end of this phase, we have a deep knowledge of data related pain points, needs and projects as well as the solutions to these potential data problems.

Data-driven Business Use Cases

The focus is on data management and analytical applications that will determine the data & analytics strategy. Within the scope of Data & Analytics, a corporate project list is obtained by determining value-added business scenario categories and prioritizing them based on value and complexity with the KoçDigital approach.

Data Governance and Data Architecture

The technology architecture and data governance roadmap are determined according to the analysis and survey results, priority business scenarios and project ideas. As a result of analysis, the most appropriate data governance organization model and analytical organizational structure for organization are created. At the same time, a vision is provided on the areas where technological investments should be made.

Data Driven Transformation Roadmap

A long and medium term data & analytical strategy and roadmap is designed. An action plan is drawn up to monitor progress and transition.

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