Durable Goods

With its international competitiveness and widely cherished brands, Consumer Durables Sector is one of the leading global sectors in Turkey, contributing to the Turkish economy by creating high added-value in production and exports, and having a high foreign trade surplus.

The industry, which exports around USD 4.5 billion annually and has a foreign trade surplus of approximately USD 4 billion, is Europe's largest and the world's second-largest production base after China.

Thanks to its powerful auxiliary industry and the great ecosystem, the sector significantly contributes to the planned development of the overall Turkish industry, and also carries Turkey to the top spots in terms of production capacity, R&D, patents, international brand management, and supply chain management.

At the same time, the ecosystem of the Durable Sector provides employment for 60,000 people directly, and 600,000 people indirectly, together with the retail sales points, auxiliary-industry firms, authorized services, and call centers.

For the Consumer Durables Sector, digital transformation is of vital importance in many areas from production to quality, and to the supply chain with its high-technology value-added production structure. The solutions we offer as KoçDigital to the firms enable them to minimize costs and increase customer satisfaction by establishing more effective management models with end-to-end smart processes.

With KoçDigital Production Management System solution, we aim to reduce error rates at production with a faster, data-based, and end-to-end monitored factory operations. Matching model and critical parts is improved by providing management through operational data storage, equipment tracking, and facility performance. A transparent and effective management is provided with the failure, interruption, and irregularity detection reports.

With KoçDigital's Quality Management solution with Video Analytics, all product quality defects can be detected instantly. In this way, the total quality of the product is optimized and the costs that may arise because of production errors are reduced substantially. By minimizing the defects in the finished products offered to the customer, we contribute to greater customer satisfaction.

With KoçDigital Demand Forecasting and Stock Optimization solution, high-accuracy customer demand forecasts can be made using advanced analytical models in supply chain processes. In this way, it is possible to create a more effective planning and production timetable, to address the demand more accurately, and achieve stock optimization.

Basic gains such as improvement in the supply chain, increase in customer satisfaction by ensuring product availability at the point of sale, decrease in production, product storage and distribution costs, increase in the amount of working capital, increase in revenue items with correct demand forecasting, and improvement in EBITDA are also provided.

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