Assembly Management System

Correct guidance of employees in assembly processes and detection of errors in real time enables corrective measures to be taken rapidly.

What is Assembly Management System?

Assembly is one of the most critical operations among the production processes, due to the human factor and complexity. Guidance on installation of specific part, on a specific product, by identifying who will be doing the job, where and how it will be done and monitoring the outcome of the operation is essential for a sustainable high quality assembly operation.

Correct guidance of employees in assembly processes and detection of errors in real time enables corrective measures to be taken rapidly. The trends demonstrated by the detected defects allow the design of better versions of the products. By storing and reviewing historical data, warranty procedures and claims are managed properly.
Assembly processes that are not systematically managed will result in decreased production quality and increased in warranty costs.

Why Assembly Management System?

With Platform 360 Assembly Management Solution, we add continuous measurement to manufacturing operation. The data from the equipment on the floor, such as electric torque metering devices, etc. are coupled with the metrics of the installed part, employee and assembly operation to create a 360 degree picture of the assembly operation.

This setting enables guidance to employees in order to perform the assembly processes in an optimum way, which can also be obtained from the PLM systems as needed. In cases where deviations from the production guidelines are identified, actions of varying degrees can be taken, from repair of product to halting the production line.

Products can be manufactured more accurately and at higher quality at lower costs thanks to the continuous monitoring and improvement of the processes. If desired, these data can be integrated into the industrial Internet of Things platform, allowing all production processes in the company to be monitored from a single interface.


01Connects to the assembly floor

  • • Retrieves real production and location data by connecting to systems on the production floor, such as electric tightening devices, product tracking, employee position, measuring devices etc.
  • • If there is no existing system for tracking products, a product tracking system is set up by choosing a cost-effective technology (Barcode, RFID, RF, Reflector, PLC, Beacon etc.)
  • • The system works in integration with product life cycle (PLM) or Quality systems, enables quality monitoring on the system itself, if necessary

02Directs Production

  • • With touchscreen computers (HMI) or tablets, workers are guided correctly
  • • Adjusts production devices such as electric tightening devices to the required torque values
  • • Manages which parts are to be installed on which products and ensures that critical parts are matched to the product.
  • • If requested, the system can be delivered with video analytics solutions for quality control purposes

03Provides Traceability

  • • The system keeps track of how much time the products retained at individual stations and what kind of operations are performed on them, and by whom.

04Warns In Case of Errors

  • • Makes audible, visual and systemic warnings if a violation occurs during the production process.
  • • Products are tagged for repair if necessary or production lines are stopped in critical errors
  • • Guides the product design in line with the errors encountered repeatedly


Quality Production

    Ensures the production of higher quality and more complex end products thanks to the production processes that are constantly monitored.

Warranty Costs

    Increased quality ensures reduction of warranty costs associated with sales and after sales processes and drives customer satisfaction.

Efficient Production

    Minimizes the losses by the early detection of failures in the production process.

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