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Leader in Turkey, Global Player

Koç Holding, from 1926 to the present, during its journey of nearly 100 years, has benefited from the industrialization of Turkey. It has succeeded in distinguishing itself from its competitors by taking responsibility in many of its breakthroughs, up to the globalization time was the pioneer of firsts. Establishment of the first joint stock company in Turkey, the first industrial enterprise, the first realized many firsts such as international partnership and initial public offering.

In addition to Koç Group's turnover and exports, its share in Borsa Istanbul, the taxes it pays and Turkey's largest conglomerate with the employment it creates. corresponding to 8% of the national income. With its combined turnover and 9% share in Turkey's exports, it is the driving force of the Turkish economy.

Koç Holding, which has increased its consolidated operating profit by 26% in TL terms in the last five years, is one of the Fortune Global 500 companies. The only Turkish company in the ranking. Koç Holding, which offers high growth potential in the long term leader with strong competitive advantages in the energy, automotive, consumer durables and finance sectors have positions.

Koç Group carries out its activities at international standards in corporate governance, customer satisfaction, carries out with the understanding of sustainability and social responsibility.

Today, as Turkey's largest group of companies, it will also provide value for all its stakeholders in the future. will continue to create.

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