Manufacturing and Quality Control with Video Analytics

Image processing is a field of artificial intelligence that deals with the analysis and processing of digital images.

Manufacturing and Quality Control with Video Analytics

Image processing is a field of artificial intelligence that deals with the analysis and processing of digital images. Image processing technologies enable fast and accurate analysis of data and optimization of business processes and improve efficiency.

The integration of image processing and computer vision techniques with manufacturing and quality control processes provides benefits in production processes such as defect detection, quality inspection, dimensional measurement, object tracking, real-time tracking, assembly verification, OCR and process optimization. By automating production and quality control processes with image processing and computer vision techniques, KoçDigital enables allows to make real-time, traceable, and data-oriented decisions.

The image processing solutions we offer at KoçDigital meet important requirements such as productivity increase, cost reduction, improvement of product quality and compliance with standards. Our artificial intelligence-based technologies increase overall performance in production and quality control processes while increasing customer satisfaction.

Why KoçDigital Image Processing Solutions?

With its production and quality control solutions, KoçDigital supports manufacturers from the moment the products pass through the production line. KoçDigital, which has provided artificial intelligence and IoT services to manufacturers producing in different fields, continues to make a difference and expand its solution portfolio with its innovative solutions in this field.

Vehicle Configuration Check
KoçDigital vehicle configuration control system creates a decision support mechanism that supports operators by speeding up the production line and minimizing errors by performing post-assembly quality control in less than one second per piece as more than 10 thousand vehicle parts and 500 vehicles pass through the production line per day.

Hidden Damage Detection
Koç Digital hidden damage solution is developed to detect the types of defects in the outer packaging of the products on the production line, high resolution images are processed to detect and classify the damages that are difficult to detect with the human eye.

Product Quality Inspection
KoçDKoçDigital TV screen quality control system is developed with deep learning models and with the use of cameras, electrostatic curtains, and dark cabinets to inspect the quality of four brands, thirteen cabins and six different sized televisions produced from two lines.

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