Generative AI

What is Generative AI (with ChatGPT’s Own Words)

Generative AI involves creating new content, data, or information using patterns learned from existing data, setting it apart from rule-based AI.
It's widely used in text, where systems like GPT-3 generate human-like written content. This technology also applies to images, music, and more, enabling machines to mimic human creativity for various applications.

KoçDigital Generative AI Solutions

Generative AI

How Generative AI Works: Gen AI in 4 Layers

Algorithms: Building blocks for learning and generating new content
Models: Based on algos, learn from large data sets, and generate content
Applications: Make use of generative AI (ChatGPT etc.)
Training Data: Input for generative models very large datasets (LLM Corpus etc.)

KoçDigital Brain Generative AI Enablement Program

Brain (BReathing AI Network) is KoçDigital's digital transformation acceleration membership program based on artificial intelligence and data analytics experience consultancy. With the field experience from more than 250 data and artificial intelligence projects carried out by KoçDigital, we are companions in the digital transformation journey of your companies.

Brain Generative AI Enablement Program consisting of increasing awareness on ChatGPT / Large Language Model technologies, prioritizing customer needs with respect to the Complexity/Value matrix and developing an MVP for a selected use case.

1. Awareness Session
Introduction of LLM (large language model) technologies and exploring sample applications.

2. Workshop
Organizing a workshop to determine necessary applications & prioritize use cases through LLM Use Case Complexity – Value Matrix.

3. MVP Study
Conducting an MVP study for the prioritized use case

4. Large Language Model Roadmap

KoçDigital GenAI Project Development

Development of Demo Applications
By developing the most suitable usage scenarios for the processes and sectors of our selected customers from our extensive scenario pool.

Customized Generative AI Architectures and Solutions
We create suitable architectures for our customers in line with their corporate strategies and needs, considering data and document security issues.

Why KoçDigital Generative AI Solutions?

• Our technology portfolio includes standard open AI APIs, hybrid solutions fed with your own documents and data, cloud-based or on-premises, fully customized open-source solutions.
• For the excellence in experience and long-term value, we combine the bots we have developed with visual assistance, video, and avatar solutions to improve the user experience.
• We also offer LLM Ops and continuous AI services for the permanent and long-term value creation of our solutions and for adapting them to your changing processes and needs.
• If you have a development need in LLM, large language models and generative AI in your institution, you can contact us.

Featured Use Cases for Various Business Units

Customer Services
Use Case Functions
• Chatbots and Virtual Assistants
• Personalized Customer Interaction
• Real-Time Support and Issue Resolution
• Multilingual Support
• Customer Feedback Analysis
• Self-Service Support

Sample Use Cases
• Personalized Customer Interaction: Analyze customer data to offer personalized product or service recommendations.
• Chatbots & Virtual Assistants: Address customer inquiries & troubleshooting processes to provide real-time & tailored solutions.
• Customer Feedback Analysis: Evaluate customer feedback and social media mentions to extract insights & necessary improvements.

Use Case Functions
• Content Creation and Personalization
• Customer Engagement and Support
• Lead Generation and Nurturing
• Market Research and Insights
• A/B Testing and Campaign Optimization
• Email Marketing

Sample Use Cases
• Content Generation: Create high-quality and relevant marketing content, including blog posts, articles, social media posts, and email newsletters.
• Lead Qualification: Engage with potential leads, qualifying them based on predefined criteria, and passing on high-quality leads to the sales team.
• Social Listening and Trend Analysis: Evaluate vast amounts of social media and online data to identify trends, sentiments, and customer opinions.

Use Case Functions
• Lead Generation and Qualification
• Sales Support and Customer Engagement
• Personalized Sales Pitches
• Sales Analytics and Forecasting
• Sales Training and Coaching
• Follow-Up and Customer Retention

Sample Use Cases
• Automated Lead Scoring: Analyze data from various sources to score and prioritize leads based on their likelihood to conversion.
• Dynamic Sales Presentations & Proposals: Generate dynamic sales presentations and proposals tailored to individual customer needs.
• Automated Follow-Ups: Send personalized follow-up messages to customers after sales interactions & analyze received responses to reduce churn rates.

Use Case Functions
• Legal Research & Document Summarization
• Contract Drafting and Review
• Due Diligence and Compliance
• Legal Knowledge Sharing
• Litigation Support

Sample Use Cases
• Contract Generation & Review: Create standard legal contracts and agreements, analyze contracts to identify potential risks, legal issues, and inconsistencies.
• Case & Document Analysis: Generate concise summaries of legal cases & lengthy legal documents.
• Due Diligence Support: Conduct due diligence investigations by reviewing documents and identifying potential legal risks.

Human Resources
Use Case Functions
• Candidate Screening & Recruitment
• Onboarding & Training
• Employee Engagement & Support
• Performance Management
• Compliance & Policy Communication
• Employee Retention & Succession Planning

Sample Use Cases
• Resume Parsing and Analysis: Parse and analyze candidate resumes with respect to skills, experience, qualifications, etc.
• Automated Initial Interviews: Generate questions with ideal answers based on the position and candidate’s resume & create a shortlist based on candidates’ responses.
• Real-time Employee Support: Answer HR-related queries, such as leave policies, benefits, and general HR information.

Use Case Functions
• Financial Data Analysis & Reporting
• Risk Management & Compliance
• Personal Finance Management
• Fraud Detection & Security
• Customer Support & Service
• Credit Risk Assessment
• Investment & Trading Strategies

Sample Use Cases
• Financial Trend Analysis: Analyze historical financial data to identify trends, patterns, and anomalies.
• Risk Assessment and Prediction: Evaluate financial and market data to assess risks and predict potential issues, aiding in proactive risk management.
• Fraud Detection: Assess transaction data and patterns to identify potentially fraudulent activities.

Use Case Functions
• Supplier Selection & Evaluation
• RFP & RFQ Management
• Contract Management
• Spend Analysis & Cost Optimization
• Vendor Performance Monitoring
• Supplier Risk Management

Sample Use Cases
• Supplier/Vendor Research & Evaluation: Conduct automated research on potential suppliers, analyze their capabilities & performances, rank suppliers/vendors based on predefined criteria.
• RFP & RFQ Generation: Respond to RFP & RFQ based on procurement requirements.
• Contract Analysis & Summarization: Review contracts by identifying crucial terms, conditions, and legal risks, and create summaries for procurement teams to highlight key points.

Other (IT, BT, Data, CRM)
Use Case Functions
• IT Support and Helpdesk
• Software Development
• Data Analysis and Insights
• IT Security
• IT Project Management
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Sample Use Cases
• Data Exploration: Analyze and process large datasets, extracting meaningful insights and patterns for data-driven decision-making.
• Code Review: Evaluate delivered codes and provide suggestions for code optimization and best practices.
• Cybersecurity Analysis: Analyze network logs and security data to detect potential threats and vulnerabilities.
• Project Planning and Scheduling: Planning of IT projects considering resource allocations and timeline scheduling to optimize IT project management.

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