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Empower your business for Data and AI driven excellence by operationalizing AI across your business with our solutions like Generative AI, Continuous AI, Data & AI Experience Consultancy, Data Governance expertise.

Leverage our advanced technology and comprehensive consulting services, spanning from strategy to implementation, to drive sustainable growth and improved business results. Explore the future of your organization today!

Our Solutions and Services:

Data Strategy:

Derive actionable insights from your data assets to create data strategies aligned with your corporate vision. From data collection and storage to governance and compliance, we ensure that data becomes an asset to deliver sustainable benefits and optimized business processes.

External Data as a Service (DaaS) to Boost AI Model Value


Data and AI Maturity Assessment

We analyze our customers' competencies in data and analytics and provide them with a strategic vision and roadmap. We identify inefficiencies in data, reporting, data governance, and analytics applications and offer potential solutions to establish the desired processes. Leverage the power of AI that drives innovation and improves customer experiences while staying ahead of the competition.

Data and AI Maturity Assessment


Natural Language Processing:

By leveraging the capabilities of NLP, from automating customer support to extracting valuable insights from unstructured text data, we unlock the full potential of organizations' language data, helping to increase productivity and improve user experiences.

Natural Language Processing


Continuous AI:

80% of Artificial Intelligence projects become obsolete due to changing conditions. (Data drift and concept drift) With our experts and KoçDigital Continuous AI Studio product, we carry out continuous model tracking, explainability and new model development.


We accompany our customers’ Data and AI transformation; and analytical development journey by presenting consultancy content, which we have prepared based on field experiences filtered from more than 250 projects in various sectors, to our customers through our artificial intelligence and data analytics experience consultancy membership program, Brain (Breathing AI Network).

KoçDigital Academy:

Artificial intelligence training programs for employees’ talent development during your company’s digital transformation journey by subject experts with field experience and PhDs.

Generative AI:

We accelerate your digital transformation with our Generative AI solutions. To ensure the continuous value of our solutions and their adaptability to your evolving processes and needs, we offer LLM-OpS and Continuous AI services.

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