Manufacturing Information System

Making the production area connected and traceable, sets the infrastructure to ensure efficient, quality and safer production.

Manufacturing Information System

Capturing high quality and high efficiency together becomes more and more important to maintain the competitive edge in production. Companies that fail to keep track of their production processes and systems cannot improve and fall behind in the competition.
Making the production area connected and traceable, sets the infrastructure to ensure efficient, quality and safer production. Monitoring the product variants produced in different stations/lines/areas instantly increases production performance with more accurate targeting. Monitoring energy consumption on products basis, enables the costs to be followed more accurately. Keeping track of short but frequent stops in production allows optimization of production processes. In short, the data collected and the operational digital twin created provide efficiency in all aspects of production.
Creating an operational digital twin with production monitoring systems increases productivity by up to 10%, increases maintenance engagement by up to 50%, and eliminates paper-based and manual data collection processes.

Increases productivity (up to)


Increases maintenance engagement (up to)

Why KoçDigital Platform360 Manufacturing Information System?

The Platform360 MIS production monitoring system collects and interprets the data from the PLCs and sensors in the production site, which enables the creation of a digital twin of production processes. Operational improvement is secured by monitoring performance and key performance values over the digital twin.
Platform360 MIS connects production processes and makes automation systems which work independent of each other, a part of the digital twin. By providing the data required for management as well as to meet the operational needs of the production, the system ensures that the value generated in the production operation is maximized.
Due to its flexible structure, Platform360 MIS can be positioned to minimize additional investment to already installed/old factories; in addition it also avoids disruption of production during implementation. The system enables multiple factories to be monitored over a single production template, considering their differences, as the case may be.

Platform360 Manufacturing Information System Features

01Internet platform of industrial objects

Compatibility with different hardware brands/models thanks to flexible integration capability
Supports standards such as MQTT, OPC, UA, Open Protocol, etc.
Decides based on the situations it makes sense from the data flowing with the rule engine.
A shared, scalable data platform is established.
Runs integrated with existing sensor/PLC structures in established factories.
SDK/API support allows integration with third party systems

02Operational digital twin of production

Converting raw sensor data into meaningful business metrics
Key performance values are monitored individually for each asset, station, line, area, factory
Production processes are monitoring in digital environment
The operational digital twin of production assets is created


Instant monitoring of the status of operations in the factory via digital twin
Monitoring key production performance data (OEE, JPH, Bottleneck, etc.)
Monitoring downtime performance data (MTBF, MTTR, Root Cause etc.)
Operation is monitored on product, shift, station basis according to key performance values
Automatic identification of the root causes of stoppages
Monitoring/tracking of user-defined job rules based on data.


On-Premise cloud or hybrid installation options provided.
Scalable infrastructure to support any desired number of sensor connections.

Value and Business Results

Digital Transformation of Manufacturing Processes

    Thriving in intense competitive landscapes: digital transformation ensures adaptability to ever-changing market dynamics and gains competitive advantage.
    SBridging tradition with innovation: It empowers traditional production processes, bringing production closer to digital technologies, thereby making it data-centric, automated, and efficient.
    Maximizing profits, minimizing costs: utilizing technology to optimize manufacturing operations
    Unveiling factory potential: By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the factory, it enables the formulation of an appropriate continuous improvement strategy and allows for real impact analysis on productivity and efficiency through corrective actions.

Production Efficiency Increase

    Automated maintenance work orders
    Increasing First Time Fix Ratio (FTFR) with automatic identification of root causes of downtime.
    Short but frequent stops, which can be ignored in manual data entries, are recorded.

Flexible Maintenance

    Integration with sensors and systems in the field enables real time monitoring of compliance with occupational health and safety rules.

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