Health sector pioneers all other sectors that are rapidly transformed by digitalization all over the world.

While there are groundbreaking developments in the health sector technological innovations being the driving force of such developments, continue to offer new treatments and opportunities without slowing down.

Breakthrough improvements in genetics, telemedicine, wearable technologies, augmented reality and virtual reality applications, revolutionary steps in imaging technologies, all gather to accelerate the journey of biotechnological and bio-similar drugs from R&D laboratories through the real world; where Covid-19 has served as a catalyst in all these developments for the health sector by initiating a rapid unprecedented digital transformation worldwide.

In post-pandemic New-normal, health ecosystem players focus on the topics such as energy efficiency, work-shift optimization, social distancing solutions, artificial intelligence technologies, machine learning scenarios, and personalized health.

With its solutions and services developed specifically for the needs of the health sector, KoçDigital brings this transformation together with the players of the sector.

KoçDigital Advanced Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning-Based Decision Support Solution was born out to cater to the needs of physicians due to their colossal workloads and worsening operating conditions. With the decision support solution offered over computed tomography, signs and patterns are taught to the application developed with machine learning technology, thus making it possible to detect diseases with high accuracy. Consequently, our solution contributes to the diagnosis processes of physicians who are squeezed under time constraints, greater performance expectations, and diagnostic accuracy, and ensures making faster vital decisions possible.

KoçDigital Data Infrastructure Solution enables the management of patient data by a sustainable and traceable central system, and the resultant creation of a singular and accurate version of this data, which is important for the institution, after completing data quality control, matching, and deduplication processes.

By these means, it offers development opportunities in many areas, and by completing patient data to prevent any risks that may arise; it provides the right treatments to the patient at the right time and through the right channels, and thereby improving the patient experience.

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