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Workplace accidents usually occur as a result of working environment conditions, management mistakes, lack of timely and adequate maintenance, ignoring human factors, lack of adequate and appropriate training, lack of supervision, or a combination of several or all of these factors interacting with each other. However, all of the factors that cause occupational accidents can be reduced down to two main factors. These are namely, unsafe conditions in the workplace and unsafe practices of the employees.
Approximately 41% of these occupational accidents occur in industrial areas (production floors, storage, loading, maintenance and repair shops) and unfortunately 1 out of every 220 occupational accidents result in death1. And the vast majority of these occupational accidents can be prevented or quickly intervened, and can be managed in way that minimizes the losses if necessary measures are taken and implemented.
While it is effective to create the necessary workflows and procedures and to provide training to reduce accidents and ensure a safer work environment, it is now possible to provide occupational health and organizational safety with novel methods by effectively integrating the enhanced technologies into workplaces.


Our Video Analytics Solution adds artificial intelligence to cameras to prevent accidents and create a safe work environment by analyzing video content in real time. That enables security cameras to take on additional tasks for companies and monitor use of PPE, speed up the arrival of necessary teams to the scene by informing them earlier, or warn employees before an accident occurs with prediction algorithms.
As in Covid-19, video analytics applications reduces the impact of epidemic thanks to its features such as monitoring social distancing, mask wearing control and crowd analysis, especially in epidemic diseases. These applications can provide instant alerts for all scenarios, cautioning users instantly with visual, audible or SMS, e-mail notifications.





Use of personal protective equipment (helmet, boots, gloves, harness, etc.), social distance control, area violation, abandoned object detection, fire / smoke detection


Face recognition, license plate recognition


Counting number of people, demographic analysis, crowd control, heat map


Pedestrian walkway violation control, traffic direction analysis, use of handrails on stairs, flow direction control, person-vehicle motion interaction

Multiple Server Support

High scalability by increasing the number of analytics servers and distributing the workload ın order to meet increased workload.

Dashboard Overview

Ability to monitor violations daily, monthly, region and violation types basis as a summary view on a single screen

Definition of multiple scenarios to the camera

The same IP camera can be run concurrently on Covid scenarios and other occupational health and safety scenarios

Alarm types

Visual, animated on-screen warnings, audible warnings with loudspeaker or siren, indicators/lights or notification by SMS / e-mail


Increased effectiveness in preventing occupational accidents

Thanks to instant alarms and early implemented measures, occupational accidents can be prevented, actions can be taken rapidly


Video analytics product can automatically perform analyzing tasks on a 24x7 basis, which would otherwise require multiple employees checking hundreds of cameras constantly.

Enhanced monitoring system

By integrating into your safety system, artificial intelligence ensures violations are detected more effectively, and false alarms are prevented.

Using the existing camera investments

Additional camera investment is not needed, analyzing tasks can be carried out on the video feed of cameras connected to your existing CCTV system.

Compatibility and streamlined integration with KoçDigital products (Platform360)

Same infrastructure is used across all KoçDigital products, ensuring fast and easy integration. For example, additional benefits can be captured by combining IoT data and video analytics data.

Integration with Pixage

: Alarm management can be directly integrated with Pixage screens, necessary information can displayed on the selected screens.

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