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The Covid-19 pandemic spreading all over the world and other pandemics that may strike in the future, causes loss of work force and downtime in production sites as the spread of the epidemic within the organizations. Even if there are warning signs posted and guidelines distributed, compliance with these rules is usually low, unless there are systems that are constantly monitor compliance.

Main focus is on maintaining the social distance between people in manufacturing areas, providing a safe environment for shoppers and employees in retail stores and monitoring the use of masks especially in common areas, and warning when prescribed number of persons is exceeded in common areas. 


With our Vision+ solution, building on video analytics technology, we can monitor social distancing guidelines and mask wearing as part of Covid-19 measures, as well as other image processing scenarios, using artificial intelligence algorithms.

We can detect violations by measuring the distance between people for social distance detection, comparing it with the minimum distance required in the pandemic guidelines and by measuring time we can trigger visual warnings using lights, audible alarms and screens in the area.

Similarly, our mask scenario runs in real time and cautions employees. Social distance and mask algorithms can be run in parallel on the same camera. 

With this solution we provide safe working environment for Manufacturing areas, retail shops, warehouses and other production sites.


Social Distance Detection

§  Social distance violation is detected by measuring the distance between 2 or more people.

Mask Detection

Faces with or without masks, whether or not the masks are worn properly can be identified.


Ensuring isolation

By ensuring the isolation of people within the workplace, the spread of a potential disease is prevented.

Real-time and early warning

Thanks to lights and audible alarms or notifications such as e-mail, SMS, respective persons are quickly warned and action is taken for violations.

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