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Platform360 Now Offered on Cloud!

Platform360, KoçDigital's Internet of Things platform is now available not only through on-premise deployment but also over our high-tech cloud infrastructure. You can manage all linked assets from a single point over the cloud without investing in infrastructure, and integrate them with other applications in real time.

We started to offer Platform360 to our customers with SaaS model over the cloud, to meet their needs for fast deployment, implementation of short-notice projects and especially for elimination of initial investment costs to deliver benefits for businesses.
We are making the infrastructure, licenses, applications and storage space you need in your IOT projects available, on a monthly pricing model through our own resources without purchasing it, as usable on a shared basis.
This way, we support you by minimizing your investment costs, making sure your projects are delivered on time without delays due to lack of resources, and providing cost advantage in your operations.


- Low initial investment cost
- Flexible pricing
- Ready-to-use platform and deployment ensuring expedited implementation,
- Start-ups can use their applications with our SDK offered over the cloud with Platform360

Services offered over the cloud

- Platform360 Core Platform
- Remote Asset Management
- Manufacturing Information System (Production Monitoring)
- Assembly Management
- Manufacturing Execution System.

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