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Ind 4.0 Consulting

Continuously  updated database  with >250 use  cases from all  industries and  sectors


Many features to  support your plans for  your manufacturing  ambitions…

Distinct features to support your ambitions


Assessment advantage

  • Assess the maturity level of plants with regard to advanced  manufacturing technologies
  • Database for use cases
  • Prioritizing opportunities
  • Building business cases
  • Each use case linked to required IT infrastructure/enablers

Enablement advantage

  • Benchmark with other companies
  • Provide detailed understanding of the technologies

I4.0 check covers 23 dimensions

Industry 4.0 assessment tool based on holistic framework

  • 23 dimensions assessed in I4.0
  • Plant-specific assessment results in  in spider graph
  • Detailed description for each  category (from 0: not applied to 4:  industry benchmark)
  • Different use cases in each  category linked to show full  potential in category

Industry 4.0 assessment tool supported  by iPad app—easy to use

  • "Drag and drop" functionality allows  for fast use during plant tour
  • Results are available immediately after tour

Assessment along 23 dimensions in 4 areas

Specific result can be benchmarked with peer group

Benchmarks from recently conducted assessments available

  • Benchmark status quo with peer  groups, displayed on same spider  web graph
  • Gap analysis relative to best  practice examples to understand  where focus should be

Benchmarks with different peer group  types possible

  • Selection of specific peer (can only compare against own projects)
  • Selected industry / industries
  • Within industry sub-groups (e.g.,  automotive OEM vs. automotive  suppliers)
  • Overall peer to compare base  project to average of entire  database

Risk predictor: Full visibility on complexity of upcoming product mix

Line (re)-balancer: Validation of average work content based on actual product mix against line balance

Defect explorer: enables production to pro-actively trigger Quality investigation

Performance dashboard: Customizable overview of all KPIs with drilldowns screens

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