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Assembly Management solution

Solution for assembly operations
Monitoring manufacturing quality in assembly

Ensuring quality in assembly operations

  • Hardware set-up, incl. new PLCs & Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs)
  • Audio-visual worker assistant systems in assembly
  • Open protocol platform 

Manufacturing Assembly Management: Human Machine Interface

Traceability of products inside factory

  • Tracking operations on products continuously
  • Use Technologies such as; RFID, PLC, reflector, Barcode and SCADA system integration
Management of Assembly Assets
  • Open Protocol Torque Wrench Support
  • Managing torque value on wrenches according to specs
  • Collects and transfers assembly sensor valeus such as torque and angle of assembly
  • Increasing manufacturing quality with visual aids and audio warnings 
  • Stops assembly line in case of emergency
  • Reports assembly information

Manufacturing Assembly Management: Quality Reports

The index indicates whether the process is capable of producing within specification and is also an indicator of the ability of the process to adhere to the target specification.

CPK Reports enable to analyze all defined processes and faults during assembly line.

Manufacturing Assembly Management: Worker Guideline

Having a screen at each machine that displays and tracks the employee’s production statistics empowers the operators in the following ways:

Creating accountable employees delivers numerous benefits to the company; superior execution, lower employee turnover, and more creativity and innovation.

Consistent Measurement Of Performance
Operators are empowered and engaged when they are able to view and understand their performance metrics in a real-time feed.

Manufacturing Assembly Management: Panel Identification

In the panel identification screen, the panel information can be used to define the barcode reader, body tracking information and authorization options connected to the panel. 

Panel codes are used in the process of device identifications and reports.

Manufacturing Assembly Management: Traceability

Platform 360 improves real time traceability throughout the assembly process of any production lines. 

Each process of any selected individual can be tracked by location and ID code. 

Platform enables to utilize process time, required improvements and determining detentions. 

Manufacturing Assembly Management: Defect Reporting

Through part identifications, assembly line operators are able to notify any defects on productions. 

On the platform, quantity and location of defects can be analyzed and turn into quality reports for improvements.

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