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Feature Optimization

Strengthening product specifications to meet customer expectations at the most optimal price-point.

Digital Engineering

Leveraging data driven digital twins to efficiently design and build products.

New Digital Products & Services

Innovating industries by going beyond existing offerings through advanced analytics.

Predictive Maintenance

Routinely inspecting machines to prevent a failure determining the potential root causes of machine failure, and taking proactive action to deal with those issues before problems occur.

Demand Forecasting

Reducing inventory, improving on-shelf availability and increasing productivity – all while meeting customer expectations.

Industry 4.0 Solutions

Gaining companies competitiveness through increased productivity, by collecting and analyzing data across machines as well as enabling more efficient processes to produce higher-quality goods at reduced costs.

Integrated Business Planning

Planning processes comprehensively throughout the supply chain with respect to product and customer portfolios to deliver seamless management approach.

E2E Logistics Optimization

Integrating all elements of supply chain regarding product and information movements timely and in the most cost efficient way.

Supply Chain Control Tower

Providing tools for a supply chain organization to monitor and manage its resources through visibility to control over its inventory.

Digital Procurement

Using advanced analytics in purchasing to get transparency of the purchasing behavior of organization on different categories and suppliers to drive efficiency and savings opportunities in purchasing.

Pricing & Promo Effectiveness

Maximizing marginal profits gain through promotions and pricing using right product and customer segmentation strategy.

Assortment Optimization

Optimizing shelves space and arranging products positioning to generate highest level of sales and profitability.


Delivering unique experience to the right customer at the right time with tailored messages across digital and physical channels.

Data-driven Marketing

Building a digitally-transformed data-driven marketing function supported with strategic resource allocation, and best-in-class digital execution.

Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

Leveraging advanced analytics to promote right products in order to capture capturing highest sales value through already existing sales.

Customer Experience

Obtaining simplier, seamless and more integrated customer experience through Digital and Advanced Analytics

Customer Acquisition and Retention

Gaining new consumers who bring value by applying a set of digital methodologies and tools for managing customer prospects and inquiries that are generated by advanced marketing techniques such as referrals and loyalty programs.

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